Player Development​

Player Development

"We concentrate on long term player development with focus on physical literacy. Beside tennis improvement, our goal is to teach players important life skills such as discipline, focus, resilience, self-control and patience." 

At Process Tennis, we believe that a deliberate practice overseen by coaches on a daily basis is the best way to take your game to the next level. For that reason, we’ve created a place where players can train throughout the whole year and where we focus on the 5 main concepts of tennis development. 


1. Technique

Technically sound strokes are necessary for future success. Players need to be able to hit “any shot from anywhere” on court so they can be unpredictable for their opponents.

3. Fitness & Conditioning

Excellent technique and perfect strategy can only work as long as your body has enough energy. To be successful at higher level tournaments you need to be able to play a couple of matches each day. Therefore, we implement fitness drills to help you become faster and to build your stamina.

5. Data Analysis & Statistics

To get an edge over your opponents, we can offer a detailed match report made by Break2Win. Based on the statistics and date you will discover your favorite service spots; game patterns; and you can learn what areas of your game needs to be polished.

2. Tactics & Strategy

Even the best technique will not help when your shot selection is poor. We help you develop a clear game plan that will improve your shot execution during matches.

4. Mental Toughness & Resilience

You will never reach your true potential if you always “crack” under the pressure. We create a competitive environment and constantly challenge our players to help them being confident and to teach them how to deal with adversity and tight match situations.

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Training Programs


This program is designed for home-schooled juniors and professional tennis players. Our Professional Program runs year-round, and a weekly schedule is tailored for each player so they can train day and night.

After School

After School Full-Time

Our ASFT Program is the perfect fit for players that want to focus on both academics and high-level tennis. The ASFT Program runs in the Fall and Spring with a set weekly schedule. Players attend normal school and train up to six times a week later in the afternoon. Players follow a weekly schedule that combines both individual and group practice sessions. Players’ practice plans are individually tailored by coaches based on each players needs.

After School Basic

Our ASB Program is ideal for players that have to commute. The ASB Program runs in the Fall and Spring with a set weekly schedule. Players attend normal school and train at our academy up to three times a week. However, players can select additional training days that fit their school schedule.

Meet our Coaches

“All coaching is, is taking a player where he can’t take himself.”

– Bill McCartney, Football

As a former professional player, I want to pass my experience on the young athletes. I believe that my story can inspire many junior players to keep dreaming and pursuing their goals. While success doesn’t come overnight, dreams can come true when you work hard and trust the process.

– Marek Michalička, Tennis Coach

European coaching style

Small groups

Individualized approach

Coaching assistance at tournaments

ATP & college experience

Consistent coaching

Marek Michalička

Tennis Coach

  • US Open and Wimbledon qualification appearances
  • Former No. 235 ATP singles & No. 261 ATP doubles
  • 2016 – 2018 Oklahoma State Men’s Tennis Assistant Coach
  • 2019 volunteer assistant coach at the University of Michigan
  • 2016 Czech Indoor Tennis singles champion
  • Played No. 1 singles and doubles at the University of Wisconsin

Petr Šátral

Tennis Coach

  • Five years of coaching experience at private club in NYC
  • Played No. 1 position at the University of Wisconsin
  • Varsity team captain
  • 2011 Team Rookie of the Year
  •  2012 & 2013 Big Ten Sportsmanship Award

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Marek Michalicka

Petr Satral

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